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One of 6 senior dynamic yoga teachers, Jo directs the nowbeyoga space in Sitges, Spain. Jo also travels extensively in Europe, guiding workshops and retreats, mentoring yoga teachers and co- teaching Dynamic Yoga immersions/ trainings with Olivia Crooks.

Her teaching is informed by a deep commitment and passion for yoga that spans more than two decades, beginning in India where she lived, studied and practiced for most of the 90’s.

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As a training method, it is a complete system of learning that enables us to experience the spiritual depths of being human.

It is a kind, intuitive and nourishing practice that is grounded within sound principles.

The practice supports a process of awakening on all levels, a subtle, yet deep unfolding that nudges practitioners towards a sustainable, pleasurable yoga practice.

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EVENTS SCHEDULE  2015 – 2016

November 2015
12th – 15th
Yoga, meditation and cooking retreat
Berga, Barcelona, Spain

January 2016
14th – 17th
Yoga and meditation retreat
Berga, Barcelona, Spain

April 2016
21st – 24th
Yoga and detox retreat
Berga, Barcelona, Spain

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Yoga Jo-8

Four immersions, each lasting 4 days, totaling  120 hrs of in depth practice and exploration. Held in Sitges ( Barcelona) with residential and non- residential options.Taught by Senior Dynamic Yoga Trainer Olivia Crooks and Senior Dynamic Yoga Teacher Jo Kemp. Each immersion complete in itself or when taken consecutively  used as the first part of the 200 hour Dynamic yoga teacher training. Open to all

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Classes this week


Now Be Yoga Studio
Timetable January – April 2016
Monday: 9.30-11.30a.m:
Deepening practice sessions (Jo)
Tuesday: 8.30-9.30a.m: Fresh start session (Jo)
Tuesday: 9.30 – 11.00a.m: Foundation session (Selma)
Wednesday: 9.30-10.30a.m: Foundation session (Jo)
Friday: 9.30- 10.45a.m: Deep relaxation, restorative yoga and meditation session (Jo)
Saturdays and Sundays: check events for Pop up events, workshops, retreats,teaching skills sessions.