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17 Sep


What makes a yoga posture?

17 September 2014 | By |


In this little talk Godfrey is sharing his views on what makes a shape admissible to the yoga party.”Yoga posture practice to be yoga has to be  a profound immersion in the experience of wholeness and its implications…..”


12 Sep


03 Sep


31 Dec


12 Possibilities

31 December 2013 | By |

With love for the coming year!SG101005

1) May we tap into those qualities of honesty, openness, equanimity and generosity that lie within and experience the fearlessness necessary in order to grow and let go.


2) May we all learn from each other and take our opinions, judgements and beliefs lightly in the knowledge that we are all one and the same, yet our individual and unique conditioning deserves patience and compassion.

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01 Aug


Notebook nibbles – Inversions

01 August 2013 | By |

sept 08 351I have lots of notebooks! they are filled with little reflections and ramblings that have found there way onto page post  practice, pre- teaching and  often post teaching.

The blog seems a perfect place to share these little practice and teaching nibbles.

Inversions, shoulder stands in particular are pacifying and restful, satisfying and internalizing. I personally love them but it hasn’t always been that way.

In order to enjoy them fully the body needs to be prepared, we need to develop particular pathways that open up our capacity to come on to the shoulders. Establishing how to use the hands and arms in relation to the upper body as well as been able to feel clearly into the lower back and pelvis and becoming more sensitive to the quality of the neck, eyes and face.

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16 May


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15 May


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World peace and black sheep

15 May 2013 | By | No Comments


Last night I was perusing Ted (, feeling like a little inspirational input, I watched an incredible, moving and thought provoking piece by Eve Ensler, poet, writer and activist famed for the ground – breaking “vagina monologues”.
The piece “ Suddenly my body” was insightful and bold. I resonated immediately as a human being and as a woman with what she expressed, but also as a dedicated yoga practitioner, exploring and fascinated by the body-mind-spirit. There was a profound retelling of her experience, the essence of which seeped into my yoga practice when I rolled out my mat this morning. Continue reading “World peace and black sheep” »