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Dynamic Yoga Festival

SpiralMany hundreds of years ago (ok, slight exaggeration) Jo and Godfri had the idea to have a yoga festival and call it ‘Yoga Bhoga’ and eventually within the dynamic yoga family the idea became a happening and the dynamic yoga bhoga festival was born.

It’s a super chilled family festival, happening every other year or so. Lots of space to play, hang out and enjoy lots of yoga posture practice, with a choice of self practice and a wide variety of classes from senior teachers.

Super nice timetable of events including dancing, live music, d, j’s, clowning, performance, funky buddhas kids camp and lots of good wholesome food provided as well as yummy festi food from the chocolate chai shop.With still lots of time to enjoy therapys and simply hanging out in the company of like minded hearts.

See the Dynamic Yoga Festival Website below for more info and our next festival dates.