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Whether you are a newly qualified yoga teacher and looking for some support in beginning classes and courses, or a more experienced teacher and ready to take the practice of teaching a little deeper, mentoring can be extremely transformative.  We work on refining instruction,  effective adjustments,  courses themes, intelligent sequencing and deepening self practice etc. If you are  a seasoned practitioner  and feeling a little stuck,  mentoring provides creative input and fresh inquiry.

Mentoring sessions are individualized, there is an initial consultation whereupon we decide the first step and progressive format of the programme. Sessions can be a combination of observed practice, personal tuition, observation in teaching.

I love working with yoga teachers and sharing my 15 years of teaching experience and am passionate about helping yoga teachers to  express there love and interest in yoga with integrity,honesty and effective teaching.

If you are a Dynamic yoga teacher trained by Godfrey Devereux and Olivia Dev Crooks please see the residential option below.

Skype options also available


Programme Outline – 60 Hours (Dynamic yoga teachers)

- 10 hours group class participation as student teacher.
– 5 hours class observation (private and group sessions)
– 5 hours class assisting (private and group sessions)
– 5 hours observed self-practice for feedback, application and refinement
of your personal practice
– 5 hours observed teaching practice (private and group sessions)
– 10 hours one to one mentoring
– 20 hours karma yoga



This two-week programme will provide you with an opportunity to develop and refine your teaching skills and resources. This module can be taken as an alternative option to the theoretical paper for 200 and 500 hour Dynamic Yoga Trainings.

It provides support, individualized guidance and training continuation to newly qualified teachers, within the context of class participation, observed teaching, observed self-practice and teaching assistance. You will have the opportunity to explore the art of adjustment to enhance verbal instruction, as well as how to take the initial steps to teaching in gyms, health centres and studios.
For experienced teachers it provides an opportunity to refine their teaching skills in a real world context. Expanding the teaching vocabulary, exploring a wide range of possibilities for workshops and courses and invaluable one- to- one guidance on self-practice.

The internship is held in an intimate, residential studio environment providing hands on, insightful, practical involvement in day-to-day teaching and running of a small yoga studio.

All places are allocated on an individual basis.
1 and 2 week consecutive programme.
Residential and non- residential options available.

To benefit from the mentoring programme please book an appointment to discuss availability.