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Jo has been guiding, hosting and organizing a variety of retreats for many years,retreats are sometimes hosted by a retreat venue,or wellness spa etc but the majority are organized and taught by Jo(senior dynamic yoga teacher) and managed by Selma Leistner
(Dynamic yoga teacher) along with a lovely team of yoga helpers, therapists and cooks.

Our retreats are not holidays with a bit of yoga thrown in, we get into some deep  yoga  practice, a couple of meditation sessions per day and some long lush relaxation sessions and  we explore silence  until lunchtime most days.

We do also love a bit of spontaneity and you may be invited to join us on a run at sunrise, an afternoon walk, a  midnight skinny dip or perhaps  enjoy some sweet hip swinging dancing under the stars! Essentially you are invited  to be as fully yourself as possible, to take time to check in and enjoy the re- set and re- connect in a safe supportive yet relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Peeps go a little crazy for our food, dairy, sugar, gluten free and vegan, yet in copious amounts and super delicious. Hettie is our cook( herbalist and nakedhealth founder) and dishes up our menus with such love and care that she has become a vital part of our retreats.
Worth a mention!  mild to moderate de- tox symptoms can be  experienced in the first couple of days, and we highly recommend in the week before you join us a little slowing down on caffeine, sugar and dairy.

Digital detox
As well as offering super healthy and balanced nutrition we  encourage you to have a digital fast, its a true gift in our present culture to have the opportunity to switch off and  experience fully the healing power of nature, the joys of practice and the company of like minded people without the distractions of electronic stimuli.

Venues vary, but what we can say is we search for simplicty, purity, cleanliness, pristine nature, stunning views, and peaceful surroundings, our present retreat home where we return at least three times a year is a beautiful restored masia in the mountains of Berga about 1 hr from Barcelona. We have yet to find a venue we love in every way as much as this one!

We select therapy’s that  we feel support the nature of our retreats, the therapists are often yoga teachers or practitioners and are all highly experienced and most importantly intuitive. Cranial sacral therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, somatic body work are some of the specialisms our therapists offer.

We would love you to join us and look forward to sharing and bringing forth the taste of freedom, the unity that is, the simple pure love that we are.

Please check our gallery  to see all our previous retreats.







What: Yoga, meditation and cooking retreat
12th – 15th November 2015
Where: Berger (near Barcelona)
365e (early bird)









What: Yoga and meditation Retreat
14th -17th January 2016
Berger (near Barcelona)
365e (early bird)








What: Yoga and detox retreat.
When: 5th-8th May 2016
Where: Berger (near Barcelona)
385e (early bird)
Hosts: Us

“What strikes me most about these retreats is their nurturing, nourishing quality – whether its in the thoughtful yoga instruction, the gentle talks, the incredibly healthy yet delicious food , the cosy, atmospheric surrounds, or the simple freedom of “being”  in-between moments . This sense of nurture will have me coming back for more, because when the wear and tear of life gets to you, there still remains the distant memory of a place where you did have the space to be kind to yourself and take care of all there is to take care of, in an effortless, calm yet joyful way, a way that is entirely natural. Jo and her team give their smiling all, as always – and you come back feeling free, energized yet serene, at one with yourself and the world. What more could one ask for?” ( Tima, Gentle yoga and meditation retreat, Spain 2012)


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