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12 Possibilities

With love for the coming year!SG101005

1) May we tap into those qualities of honesty, openness, equanimity and generosity that lie within and experience the fearlessness necessary in order to grow and let go.


2) May we all learn from each other and take our opinions, judgements and beliefs lightly in the knowledge that we are all one and the same, yet our individual and unique conditioning deserves patience and compassion.

 4) May our more ego based materialistic desires be gently tamed by our recognition that “ the world has enough for everyone’s needs but not enough for everyone’s greed”

 5) May we delight and find pleasure in the ordinariness of each day. In the simplicity of being ourselves and when life isn’t quite running to plan have faith in the turning of the next page.

 6) May we give the gifts of consistency, sensitivity, nurture and love to our bodies, with the food and practices we choose.

 7) May our hearts open beyond our fear of feeling and we find the courage to drop the armour, bin the mask and get comfortable with vulnerability.

 8) May we be blessed with the interest and motivation to keep stepping IN so that we can be more fully present and wide awake OUT in the world.

 9) May we drop our conditioned blame, shame and guilt responses into the light of inevitable conditioned totality.

 10) May we not become frozen by our personal belief systems, identifications or concepts and have the courage to soften, embrace and evolve.

 11) May we skilfully navigate the bullshit, and find the balls to pursue truth, lifting the veils that distort clear seeing.

 12) May we trust in our innate and natural intelligence so that our obsession and desire to accumulate knowledge, to become” more” something, is released in the voicing and expression of what we really are and already know!

As I am sharing thoughts inspired by my teachers I want to extend thanks and appreciation to Godfrey Dev (my teacher for the last 14 years), Olivia Dev (for the love) . To Dynamic yoga for keeping me engaged in inquiry, practice and fulfilled in teaching and to the growing dynamic yoga family for the boundless “living yoga love”