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SpiralAt the heart of any authentic yoga practice is inquiry, an open and honest inquiry into the possibilities of yoga and what it is to be human.

In Dynamic yoga this inquiry is undertaken through an intelligent step-by-step (vinyasa krama) approach to yoga posture practice (Asana), breathing (Pranayama) and movement (ullola).

This practice, rather than being about striving for far-out, physical postures is focused on applying universal principles in specific actions. This initiates a process of recalibration and integration, one in which we arrive at a quality of movement where  the minimum amount of necessary effort is applied and the mind becomes internalized and sensitized to the body.

With commitment to practice the possibilities are infinite. The body begins to feel more open and strong, light and flexible. The respiratory system can feel to be functioning effectively as our oxygen efficiency increases and the mind may feel more alert yet calm.

Through listening and sustained attention, we begin to rediscover the language of the body, developing an invaluable sense of trust and a more compassionate, kind and pleasurable relationship with it.

In a dynamic yoga class-spoken instruction is gentle, supportive, incredibly precise and refined. Carefully and thoughtfully delivered, with an understanding of what the body  finds helpful in order to release entrenched patterns and tension and re- establish new neuro- muscular pathways of integrity.

Come and explore dynamic yoga on retreat, in a class  in an immersion orworkshop.

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