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SpiralOur approach to meditation is somatic, (of the body) the feeling of every breath, attuning to sensation, and the open sensitivity and deep listening experienced in yoga posture practice is continued in stillness on the cushion.

We are approaching meditation not as an attempt to control the mind, breath, or our lives but as a means to becoming more intimate with what is actually happening.

Meditation is not  a quick fix to wildly change who we are but an invitation into the possibility of relaxing more fully and completely into what we are.

The implications and subtle satisfaction that can stem from  sitting are not just confined to the cushion. By integrating a sensitive awareness and inquiry into all arenas of our life, meditation can become available spontaneously in any given moment.

Jo offers 5 week meditation courses and popular 30 minute  introductory and progressive private sessions to individuals, couples and small groups.

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Jo studied meditation extensively in the early ’90s, while staying in Gurumai Chidvilasananda’s ashram in Ganeshpuri, India. Her direct experiences of spontaneous meditation and hours of sitting practice from this time combined with intense studies with Godfrey Devereux, the Advaita teachings of Wayne Liquerman, explorations with Mooji  and laterally a love for the  Zen teacher Charlotte ( Joko) Beck inform her explorations, practice and teaching of meditation.